Services & Fees

    Our Services

    Ross Family Practice provides a wide range of General Practice services. Most are outlined below but if you are unsure, please ask.

    Our appointments are in 15-minute slots and we would be grateful if you could bear this in mind when attending. Please note that if you are late for your appointment you may be asked to reschedule.

    If there is a particular service you require, please indicate this to the receptionist as certain appointments require different scheduling.

    We may not be able to cover a list of issues at a single appointment. In fact, if we try to cover too much there is a risk of rushing through the more important issue. We want you to feel that we have dealt with the important issues in a comprehensive manner. If an additional appointment or follow up is required, we are more than happy to schedule this.

    • Women’s Health 

      Cervical smear checks, breast examinations, menstrual issues, menopause, fertility etc.

    • Men’s Health 

      It is a fact that men attend their GP less frequently than women. We are very sensitive to men’s needs and are happy to discuss any issues you may have.

    • Children’s Health 

      Six-week baby check, childhood vaccinations, management of acute illness and any ongoing issues your child may have.

    • Antenatal Care 

      We provide antenatal care under the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme. This means that antenatal care is free for all women. Please note that visits unrelated with your pregnancy are not covered by the scheme, and if you do not have a medical or doctor visit card, there will be a charge for such appointments.

    • Chronic Disease Management 

      We provide evidence-based management for many chronic diseases including Diabetes, Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma.

    • Contraception 

      We provide a full range of contraceptive services. We are happy to discuss your individual contraceptive needs so you can make informed choices about the best method for you. We are very experienced at fitting Mirena/Kyleena Coils and Implanons. While we do not provide vasectomies on-site, we are happy to discuss this with you and direct you to an appropriate service. Please feel free to make an appointment as a couple to discuss the female and male options so you can choose the best method for both your needs.

    • Mental Health 

      It can be difficult to discuss your mental health. Rest assured we will be very understanding and provide you with the appropriate treatment options.

    • Insurance Medicals/PMA’s/Medicolegal Reports 

      We provide these reports for patients registered with our practice.

    • Occupational Health 

      Dr Karl Roulston has a special interest in Occupational Health and provides services to local businesses. If you have a business and want to discuss your Occupational Health needs, please contact us.

    • STD Screening 

      We provide STD screening and check for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis.

    • Vaccination Clinics 

      We provide annual flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine. We’re not yet aware of future Covid vaccinations, but will advise you accordingly in due course.

    • Travel Medicine 

      We provide travel vaccinations. Please contact us with your itinerary and we can plan your requirements.

    Our Fees

    Service Fee
    Surgery Consultation €60
    Extra Family Member €30
    Extended Consultation €90
    Nurse Consultation €30
    Telephone Consultation with Doctor €40
    Telephone Consultation with Nurse 30
    House Call €80
    Medicals for Work/Sport (incl. truck drivers) €80
    Over 70’s Driving Medical €60
    Travel Vaccines Varies
    Cryotherapy Initial Consultation €60
    Cryotherapy Follow up Consultation €30
    Implanon Insertion €100
    Implanon Removal €100
    Implanon Removal and Insertion €125
    Mirena (3 visits) €210
    Mirena Removal €70
    Forms/Letters/Paperwork €15 minimum
    Medico-Legal Reports €400
    Capacity Assessment €120
    24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor €75
    Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Tests €50
    Blood Tests €30
    Blood Tests – pre general €25
    INR €30
    Injection (with nurse) €30
    ECG (in addition to consultation fee) €15
    Nebuliser (in addition to consultation fee) €15
    Dressing (single) €30
    Dressing (series) €20
    Diabetic Clinic (includes bloods and visit with Nurse) €50
    Sutures €80 minimum
    Minor Surgery €100 minimum
    Ear Syringe €40
    Catheter €75
    Doppler €50
    Appointment No Show €30
    Drug Screening €85
    Repeat Prescription €20

    General Medical Scheme (GMS)

    A Medical Card entitles you to a wide range of GP services which are determined by the HSE and for which the doctor receives payment from the State. There are however some additional services provided by many GPs which are not covered by the medical card. These include:

    • Routine blood tests*
    • Minor surgery
    • Women & men’s health clinics
    • Chronic disease management
    • Warfarin monitoring
    • Examinations re. fitness to drive
    • Dressings
    • Pre-employment medicals
    • Medical examination for legal purposes

    Fees for medical card holders for items not covered by the HSE are as outlined above.

    *Your doctor may direct you to a “free” blood taking service in your local hospital. The HSE are obliged to provide this service “free” at your local hospital.