The internet can be a great source of health information, but it can create a lot of health-related stress. There is also a lot of misinformation, especially on social media, so only use sources you can trust. There is no substitute for a doctor consultation when you have specific concerns or symptoms. 

    As follows are some websites we recommend: 

    HSE – Conditions & Treatments

    This is an excellent source of up-to-date health information on a wide range of medical conditions and suitable treatments. 

    HSE – Common Illnesses

    Here you will find lots of good information on everyday illnesses such as cold, cough and sore throat and how best to manage them at home. 

    Sexual Wellbeing

    This provides good information on contraception and fertility.  

    Patient Info UK

    This is an extensive source of information from our UK colleagues. 


    This provides mental health support online.